Remember in the 2000’s you search something online, say for airfares for any particular flight, you will get a pop up everywhere you go online! These days you don’t, not nearly as often as before, but still there are some sites where it happens whether you notice or not. Those links will relate you back to airfares, coupons and so on.

So, how is this happening? Businesses now are gathering and linking data as ever before so that they can reach their customers fast. Sometimes it is annoying or scary. If the objective of the business website is you serve you better results and you save money and get a better flight seat, it is worth it. If the goal is to gather information for malicious purposes, it’s not.  Although it may seem personal information to you, for any entrepreneur or business, this is business data that may give them a lead that will convert a sale.

So, let’s find some key factors of Business Data.


  1. Helps in better targeting

Every business wants to hit the sales goal as fast as possible so that they can achieve success quickly. Once you have the proper business data in your hand, you can target your customers better. For the success of the marketing department efforts, if you have one, with data in hand it becomes simpler to achieve better results with less marketing efforts as you know where you need to target. The goal is to aim to your customer as efficiently as possible.

Clear, organized and straightforward business metrics will be helpful for you to get proper guidance while you gather marketing data. Your goal is to create a lean approach methodology by measuring, learning and building better marketing campaigns.


  1. Make better decisions

No one can deny the fact that when there is proper marketing data, the decision taken by the manager will be based on facts, rather than guesses. You might have intuition and vision! But sadly, it is not enough. Therefore, with the help of clear data which is well-organized marketing can take data driven decisions at the time of a new campaign cycle. So, you gather, and you learn.


  1. Understanding the areas to interfere

Once you have organized the necessary business data related to achieving your goals, you start looking at information of different sectors such as finance much more integrated and clearly. I spend X amount of dollars in a campaign, and I get back Y in return. You do not have to manage the different units of the business separately if you are starting as an entrepreneur, but you sure need to see the correlation of you efforts in marketing and money invested. You need an overview of the performance of different key indicators. Data normally may be simple facts and figures, but when you get it evaluated with experts of each field, you can find out necessary information that will help you take business decisions and manage your business to the next level.

With the help of different business intelligence tools, if you are a large corporation or simple metric reports, if you are an entrepreneur, you can analyze the data that will give you a clear picture of what is going on your business and ask the question. How can you target customers for growth? It will help you land safely from your dreams and manage your company as a data driven machine more successfully.


Ruben R. Mata


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